O My Soul


Verse 1:
When my heart is heavy, who can I call?
And I can’t find my way, where will I turn?
O my soul, let it be Jesus

Verse 2:
When I have lost my faith, who can I trust?
And all my nights are long, where will I rest?
O my soul, let it be Jesus

Be still and listen for the whisper
Be still to hear His voice
O be still my soul
For the Lord, is in control

Verse 3:
After wind, trembling and burning fires
Is there a voice I’ll hear to calm my fears
O my soul, let it be Jesus

Strength when I am weak
And light when I can’t see
Oh there’s life, when I can’t breathe
O my soul, this is Jesus

O My Soul
Words and Music by Tyler Murphy
©2020 Tyler Murphy Music, LLC



Song Story

Throughout my life, I have always struggled with anxiety. Growing up, I am not sure I knew that it was anxiety, but I remember stepping onto the basketball court, my hands beginning to sweat and fear overtaking my instinct and preparation. When I first started playing guitar for my church, I was constantly nervous, terrified of messing up or getting in trouble for doing something wrong. Even in recent memory, I can remember when the phone would ring, and I would just assume that someone was calling me to tell me that I was in trouble. Throughout my life, I have these nights where my heart and mind just can’t rest. Things get stuck in my head and I just worry. They’re things I can’t change or fix at that moment, but they just keep me up all night long. In the end, most of the things that keep me up, don’t matter or were way less of a deal than I had dreamed them up to be. I struggle with this, so it comes up a lot in my quiet times, personal studies, and times of prayer. This song has become sort of a “note to self” to remind me and allow God to remind me that He is in control and that He is reigning, so I don’t have to. It’s a reminder when things get difficult or seem uncertain. Where should I turn? My soul, let it be Jesus. Let it be Jesus that I turn to when I struggle, when I have doubts, when fear seems stronger than the truth. It’s a reminder that He is strength when I am weak, His word is a light, and when fear steals joy or makes it hard to breathe, I should turn to the Giver of Life. My hope is this song serves as a reminder for you as well. To turn to Jesus when fear and doubt tell you otherwise. To turn to the One Who is in control, Who is reigning, Who cares for you. Let it be Jesus.